Olga Cernovaite, 90/52 min. (Prod : Planet Korda, IE ; Agent Double, BE)

EU soil, russian soul ...

The city of Visaginas, Lithuania, shaped like the wings of a butterfly, was created from nothing in the 1970s in order to service a powerful Soviet nuclear power station, intended to be a window of Soviet progress to the West. After USSR disintegration, however, EU membership required Lithuania to close the plant, the city’s only industry. What future for the 25,000 Russian-speaking townspeople, brought up in a country that no longer exists, citizens of a country that doesn’t want them, dependent on the plant dismantling wrok, condemned to loose their jobs.

Not taking sides on particular grievances, the film raises a universal question: is there a way for communities within the same democratic country to maintain their identity, respect that of others, and live together without fear or suspicion. But the Ukraine recent events soon brings serious doubts …




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HACKING JUSTICE The defence of Julian Assange



Clara Lopez, Juan Pancorbo, 90/52 min.  (Prod : Mediapro, SP; InselFilm, DE)

When you're more than a journalist, you need more than a lawyer ...  

Baltasar Garzon, 58, is an analogue man, barely speaks english, is bad with computers. But he plays a major global role within the digital world. He took upon coordinating the international legal teams preparing the upcoming defense of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Garzon is one of the world’s leading authorities upholding the principle of Universal Jurisdiction, defending in this case freedom of press but also fundamental human rights. With a unique access, the film witnesses the struggle for the control of information, the growing influence of intelligence services, the lack of transparency, the role of the mass media and the difficult balance of individual rights and state security.


The film premiered at Docs Barcelona, was shown at prestigious FIPA in Biarritz, got the Best documentary award at International Film Festival of the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela and Special Jury mention at DocsMx, Mexico City, among many others, namely as politically engaging festivals such as Elevate Festival, Graz, Austria or Millenium Festival, Brussels. It was released on television on WDR in Gemany, on Canal Sur and Historia in Spain, as well as on RTS in Switzerland, ERR in Estonia, RAI Contemporaneo in Italy and soon on RTBF in Belgium.


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Yorgos Avgeropoulos, 55 min. (Prod: Small Planet, GR)

Love hurts when they cut you, when you marry, when you give birth.


Excision is an ancient custom that survives to this day. An excruciating operation on the female body, which is mainly encountered in African countries. Little girls that are being kept captive by tradition and superstition are being submitted to the cruel custom in a defenseless manner, experiencing awful consequences throughout their life. Both the government and activist organizations in Mali are struggling against the practice these past few years. Will they be able to beat a deeply rooted tradition?

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Zeljko Mirkovic, 75/56 min. (Prod: Optimistic Film (SB), SEETV (BE)


"From local to global.. and back again.."

A French family unexpectedly arrives in a remote, abandoned village of Serbia to grow grapes and produce wine. They believe they have discovered a promised land, one of the top five wine regions in Europe, as it proved to be back in the past. But they met only old people, with old habits and distrust. Back in France, they faced another challenge -- how to convince wine connoisseurs that a "grand" wine can originate from an unknown troubled region? The Promise – a tale of passion and hope, and a revealing story of migration and globalization.


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Gábor Hörcher, 72/52 min. (Prod: Kraats film (HU), Weydemann bros (DE))

Dream as you will live forever, live as you will die today  

A young rebel, Ricsi lives on the edge. He is unruly, restlessly scaring up problem after problem: ‘Trouble’ is his middle name. Driving cars without a license, theft and escaping from the cops are all just a part of his daily routine much for his parents' despair. He won't stand for routines nor the expectations of his deadbeat father. Afterall, where was he when Ricsi needed him the most? Drifter was shot over a period of five years and is a portrait of a unique young man who takes life in his own hands ...

- IDFA Award for Best First Appearance Documentary 2014

- Best Documentary Award - Hungarian Filmweek 2016

- Best Documentary Award - Fünf Seen Filmfestival 2015

- Special Mention of the Jury - goEast Film Festival 2015

- Special Mention of the Jury - Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2015

- Special Mention of the Jury - East Silver Market 2015

- Robert Bosch Co-Production Prize - goEast Film Festival 2011

- DOCU Rough Cut Boutique Postproduction Award - Sarajevo Film Festival 2013

- DOK.Incubator Sound Postproduction Prize - DOK Leipzig 2014

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Leona Goldstein, 84/52 min. (Prod : Axman production, DE)

Rwanda women's power and drive to social change ...

The story of Godelieve and Florida, hutu and tusti. Despite their divided histories, these women are struggling for a common goal: equal rights, reconciliation, and political empowerment for women. We follow Godelieve and Florida organizing selfIempowerment trainings for women to confront patriarchal structures; to the rural area, where the new generation of children born out of rape are redefining their identities, facing a life shoulder to shoulder with the murderers of their families, their fathers. And where more and more women get organized to break the silence and speak out.

- best film at China Women´s Film Festival 2016   

- audience award, International WOmen´s Film Festival Cologne 2016  

- best film award, MIC Genero Festival Mexico  

- best human rights  film 2015" of city of Dresden. MOVE IT! Filmfestival, Dresden, Germany

- platinum award , best feature lenght documentary, International Film Festival on womens rights and social issues 2016, Indonesia

- best director, Berlin Independent Film Festival 2016

- best documentary 2nd award at 12 month Film festival

- best director, Cine Women festival 2015

- One World Festival selection 2015

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Apostolos Karakasis (52'/90', Minimal Films, GR)

Self-management against despair

When a building material factory in Thessaloniki, closed down three years ago, its 70 employees faced the risk of never finding work again. After a year of unsuccessful efforts to reopen the factory Makis , the main character, suggested they occupied the factory and run it themselves : “White collar” workers would have nothing to do with it. The 20 production workers, however, unanimously signed a manifesto declaring their will to run the factory as a workers’ cooperative under the principles of absolute equality and direct democracy. On the ruins of Europe’s most wrecked economy, an egalitarian utopia was being born. A year after the occupation, internal conflicts rise. Not everyone shares the same enthusiasm in this enterprise, not everyone contributes equally.

- Silver Medal, URTI Grand prix author documentary 2016

- Sarajevo Film Festival competition selection 2016

- Millenium Documentary Festival competition selection 2016, Belgium

- IDFA, Feature lenght competition selection 2015, The Netherlands

- Trieste Film Festival  selection 2015, Italy

- Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival 2015

Acquired and broadcasted by : TV3 Catalunya

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Wil Mathijs, 70/58/52 min  (Prod : Elementrik films, BE)

Survival in a promised EU land ...

Bulgaria became a new EU Member state in 2007, its citizen may travel and work freely in Europe since 2014. Stefan and Niki, together with their families, have attempted for years to dignify their life and find happiness in Ghent, Belgium. They took shelter in a collapsed barrack on a wasteland belonging to the public transport company, hoping for a job, social support or a home which never comes. This social, surreal, observational, existential film penetrates and portrays the life in the barracks, a story about friendship, dreams, perseverance, social justice, poverty, inter-European migration, human rights, tolerance, loyalty and ultimately fate. A contemporary Beckett's 'Waiting for Godot' in the shadow of the current migration crisis.


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