Apostolos Karakasis (52'/90', Minimal Films, GR)

Self-management against despair

When a building material factory in Thessaloniki, closed down three years ago, its 70 employees faced the risk of never finding work again. After a year of unsuccessful efforts to reopen the factory Makis , the main character, suggested they occupied the factory and run it themselves : “White collar” workers would have nothing to do with it. The 20 production workers, however, unanimously signed a manifesto declaring their will to run the factory as a workers’ cooperative under the principles of absolute equality and direct democracy. On the ruins of Europe’s most wrecked economy, an egalitarian utopia was being born. A year after the occupation, internal conflicts rise. Not everyone shares the same enthusiasm in this enterprise, not everyone contributes equally.

- Silver Medal, URTI Grand prix author documentary 2016

- Sarajevo Film Festival competition selection 2016

- Millenium Documentary Festival competition selection 2016, Belgium

- IDFA, Feature lenght competition selection 2015, The Netherlands

- Trieste Film Festival  selection 2015, Italy

- Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival 2015

Acquired and broadcasted by : TV3 Catalunya

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