the company



VISIBLE FILM was founded in 2014 in Brussels and is managed by Thierry Detaille, offering twenty years experience within the field, as well as a wide newtork of professionals around the world.


With a strong international coproduction forums activity and TV markets action, VISIBLE FILM yearly pre-sells up to 6 projects, bridging financing gap, enabling Creative Europe support, and releases up to 10 new completed films. 

VISIBLE FILM consults in the field of international financing and marketing and is decision making at the occasion of european forums on a yearly basis.

VISIBLE FILM brings the belgian Tax Shelter opportunity to decisive use in the field of documentary post-production, associated with Agent Double production house and Dame Blanche Post production studios, offering up to forty-five percent of post-production costs through tax incentive financing.

VISIBLE FILM is involved in long tail sales as founding member of EduDoc initiative along with DocsOnline Foundation, reaches european educationnal rights end users. Together with DocsOnline Foundation, VISIBLE FILM launches a new Production marketing service to producers, actively building, profiling and delivering audience for documentary projects, merging off line and online practices, with the support of Creative Europe.

VISIBLE FILM’s catalog fits international television and all media best standards, and focuses on one-off, feature lenght with TV reversion, contemporary society, human interest with a positive standpoint, geopolitics, current affairs, and history mini-series.


VISIBLE FILM choices prove to be daring, cutting edge, and driven.